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There are no proper grocery shops within 5 km radius. An opportunity for grocery and sundry shop operators to capture the vast increasing market in the area while they are still growing.


The location of the Commercial Centre, between KLIA and Banting and within 15 minutes drive to both areas in concern.

The One and Only Commercial Centre in Olak Lempit!

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GP and Dental clinics are lacking in this area. People often go either toward Salak Selatan or go down to Banting for these services. New light industrial areas are coming up nearby only to show the needs for the services

New housing areas and younger generations are residing in Olak Lempit and these people need a place to hang out and lepak. Your outlet might be the best solution for them.


Introduce your products and services to your existing and new clients directly. If your target market are the surrounding areas, here are your chance to be the first supplier in the area.